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With over 25 years of experience, Donald R. McNeil brings a unique approach to his mediation practice. Not only does Don use evaluative negotiation with input as a neutral, but his background as a trial attorney allows him to effectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case.

Don is known for bringing ingenuity to his work as a mediator, “I solve problems.  I always recommend mediation before going to arbitration or trial, with a limited number of exceptions, and you will find that judges in Minnesota require it. I am honored to receive referrals from judges to mediate difficult business and employment disputes. I think I’m known for being a straight shooter. When I get a hold of a matter, I like to get on the phone with people right away to try to resolve it. I’ve seen so many clients with litigation fatigue. They start out all emotionally fired up, but it takes about six months, and they start looking for a way out. That is a good time for mediation.”

Don McNeil

Minnesota Mediation at Its Best

Throughout his career, Don has tried to verdict or award cases throughout Minnesota and in Texas, Oregon, North Carolina, North Dakota and Wisconsin. He is certified as a civil trial specialist (typically trying 4-6 cases each year) and has represented clients on seven matters before the Minnesota Supreme Court. One of Don’s greatest strengths as a mediator is his ability to provide insight regarding trial outcomes. Pulling from his vast experience as a trial lawyer, Don provides valuable guidance that often leads to a negotiated resolution without the expense and uncertainty of a trial or arbitration.

Local Issues. Effective Resolutions.

In addition to mediation services in the Twin Cities, Don is often drawn to South-Central Minnesota (Rochester, Mankato, St. Peter, New Ulm, etc.) to provide mediation services. Don is a local from St. Peter and often returns to his home town area. Parties looking for a neutral mediator beyond their local community hire Don to provide services in Greater Minnesota.

Mediation Champion

As a parent of children with disabilities, Don is uniquely skilled at maneuvering complex disputes that involve individuals with disabilities. Don is especially alert to cases involving the disabled and elderly.

Don’s leadership in the disability community has not gone unnoticed. At the request of the Minnesota legislature, the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Don served on several policy-making committees. From that public service, he offers a unique understanding of the various nuances of disability law and social services resources that are available to individuals with disabilities.

Litigation Cases that Inform Don’s Mediation Practice

  • Employment and non-competition disputes involving various market sectors, including FINRA, physicians, sales representatives, distributorships, franchises, manufacturers and closely-held companies
  • Non-solicit and restrictive covenants in FINRA arbitration involving the Broker Protocol
  • FINRA customer disputes
  • FINRA employment disputes
  • Business and commercial contract disputes
  • Closely held business disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Commercial landlord tenant disputes
  • Commercial valuation and investment disputes
  • Executive compensation disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Statutory and common-law disputes involving individuals with disabilities including aspects of special education
  • Disability discrimination

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